As a Just Strong customer, we know you’re looking for high quality, high performance products that are delivered with ethics and integrity. That’s why when we look for factories, we only use ones that are WRAP compliant (worldwide responsible accredited production) or through members of BSCI (business social compliance initiative).

Our global supply chain shares a commitment to fair and safe working practises. We know that sustainability is the future and are working tirelessly to keep improving our fabrics, so our entire supply line works solely with sustainable & organic yarns.

The factories we work with both now and in the future will always have sustainability at the forefront of their product development. So whether you’re looking for a new jacket or our signature performance apparel, you can be sure our garments and factories will be working consistently above industry standards.

Where are our clothes made?

We finish all our clothing in the UK, but our fabrics and factories are spread out across the world. We currently buy predominantly from Turkey, Bangladesh, China & Germany. When deciding which factory supplies which products, we look for experience, ethics and a consistent quality so that your Just Strong experience is always favourable.

What are our future plans regarding sustainability?

In the future, we want all of our fabrics and packaging to be 100% sustainable. We are already underway in changing our packaging, as you might have seen from any recent order you've placed with us. We have fabrics and items which are sustainable too and it's only a matter of time until we've switched every item over. Consumers are always expecting emphasis on sustainability from any fashion brand - so all decisions we are making internally in our supply chain reflect that.

Are you a sustainable supplier? We would love to hear from you, email us at