This Black Friday, we're launching our new logo, as we start to refresh our look in general. We loved our old logo and know many felt the same, but we're here to explain why we've decided to evolve and simplify it.

New Logo Just Strong

Our old logo was designed to represent the analogy of a squat. It was about getting back up when something was holding you down. It's a great representation of empowering values and we really felt it fit in with our vision.


But it wasn't doing the job we wanted it to. Since we launched just over 2 years ago, our brand has been supplying women from such a variety of backgrounds. We've had customers and ambassadors who are survivors, runners, yoga enthusiasts, pole enthusiasts, plus size, nurses, moms, mental health advocates and many, many more. It's been an incredible ride and incredibly flattering that those who come from such a varied background all resonate with our message.

That being said, our old logo is very much associative with weightlifting. We explain that our values are not just around being physically strong, but from the outside, it can look like that sometimes.


That's why we decided to evolve. Our logo is now a representation of community. It's a representation of being full circle. It's a representation of feeling connected and strong, no matter the background or adversary you may have faced previously. It's a representation of our message – we are all strong. No matter your walk of life, your background, your sport (if you even do a sport) – we all have our own version of strength and we want to celebrate that.


Our new branding will be going live over the upcoming BFCM weekend. When it does, you can sign up for notification below and you'll be notified instantly with priority on product. We will also have exclusive limited edition products available on site for the weekend only.



Over the next few weeks, you'll see other visuals around our social media and website aligning with our new direction. Until then... see you on the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend!


Love, the team at Just Strong 💪