We are giving you the chance to win £100, a free outfit of your choice and a free month subscription of Strong-Woman.

We want to share your content. We know many of you are eager to tell your story and we want to help you do it, so we are now launching the Just Strong Initiative giving you the chance to win CASH, free activewear and a free month subscription from our friends at Strong-Woman

How this works:

  • You share your photos with us using the hashtag #IAmJustStrong
  • We select 3 top entries at the end of the month and repost and share them on our Instagram and Facebook timelines, tagging you in all posts
  • You vote for your winner via liking their content
  • We decide the winner at the end of the following month based on the total of unique likes and comments to their post
  • We announce and share the winners photos and story on social media again

How to enter:

  • Share your photos on Instagram by showing your transformation or strength using #IAmJustStrong and wearing our brand
  • Tag us in your posts 

Tips for success:

  • Introduce yourself, where you found your strength and what being strong means to you
  • Use clear images for before and after photos. Layout is a great application for an instagram collage.
  • Use a positive and encouraging tone in your messages
  • Keep your text short (1-2 paragraphs maximum)

The program is now live for August and we will announce the runners up early September.

We will announce any more updates on our social media channels but if you have any specific questions, get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you strong women!