About US

We are not just a brand. Together with our founders, we are part of a community to support and guide you through your fitness journey. Whether you’re a goal-setter, an endorphin chaser or a low-key hobbyist, we are here to provide you with the high-performing gym wear your workout and recovery deserves and the background support to ensure you never give up.

Since our launch in 2017, Just Strong strives for a single ambition – to motivate women to embrace their strength through training and explore their hidden potential with confidence and without fear. Equipping our customers with the right workout apparel designed to flatter, support and enhance, with all-important reliable functionality, is a responsibility we are committed to. We may not be able walk with you to the gym, but you’ll always be able to lean on us during your workout.  

Our community remains at the core of what we do, and behind these screens lives a 45k-and-counting team of likeminded women ready to inspire you with their stories, attitudes and their journeys to discovering inner and outer strength. They are ready for you to join them. Are you ready to be Just Strong?